Our Winnipeg operation was established in 2006. Located at 135 Saunders Street, Winnipeg, MB, our 6 acre  yard has capacity to store over 1000 containers. In addition to offering a specialized reefer repair facility we are able to handle dry equipment with an equal level of expertise. The facility offers extended operating hours; 48 reefer plugs; and 2 container handlers. We are fully EDI capable.

Services provided:

  • 24hr emergency repair service
  • Genset and reefer container rental
  • Reefer and genset repair services
  • Genset and reefer sales
  • Mobile repair and steam clean service
  • Genset fueling
  • Structural repair
  • EDI and automated inventory reporting

Contact: (514) 286 4732
Email: [email protected]